Voices of FasTrack English

FasTracKids® offers your child multiple avenues to be successful in the 21st century. One opportunity for success is providing your child with a strong language base in English. At FasTracKids, we encourage your child’s English development skills by holding an annual Voices of FasTrack® English Speech contest that allows them to exhibit their creative English skills.

Students enrolled in the FasTrack® English program showcase their progress by developing, practicing and performing a speech in English. Each contestant conducts their speech while being videotaped by the FasTrack English teacher.

Themes for this contest are chosen based on current worldwide topics. Children all over the world demonstrate their ability to convey their understanding of the topic in English, as well as showing how the particular theme can affect them in their families, neighborhoods and communities. Moreover, students are encouraged to develop a speech that aligns with their own unique learning style, allowing them to creatively think and express themselves. Children who participate show a high level of confidence in a second language, vocabulary and overall comprehension of the English language.

Here are the videos that were awarded first place in each category. Congratulations to all our participants worldwide!

Category One Winner – Vlad from FasTracKids – Braila, Romania: A 15-30 second speech for first year students. Topic choices include: a speech about the student’s family, what the student’s favorite place is or what they want to be when they grow up.

Category Two – Adam from FasTracKids – Galati, Romania: A 30-60 second speech for second year students. Topic choices include: what the student likes to do outside of school, the student’s happiest day or what the student does to help their mom and dad.

Category Three – Michael from FasTracKids – China: A 30-60 second speech for third year students. Topic choices include: the student tells their favorite story, the student makes up and describes an imaginative animal or what problem in the world would the student solve and why.

Category Four – Students from FasTracKids – Korea: Students recite a song or rhyme that they learned in FasTrack English. This can be done as a group or individual.